Batter Up

So, despite the fact that it will cause considerable angst with my parents, Tim and I have decided to let the elder kiddo sign up for T-ball this spring. Soccer in the fall was pretty much a bust (though, amusingly, he's asked if he's going to play again, so we'll see if he decides he'd like to try it again down the road), but he's expressed interest in t-ball and he's old enough, so, why not? (Pushing aside all the reasons why not my parents and sister have tossed our way ever since we even considered soccer, that is.)

That being the case, we signed him up shortly after getting back from Florida with kiddo the younger, and then...then there was silence. We knew they had processed our payment, so we assumed that he was signed up, but, well, I kind of expected some emails to begin.

This morning I got the first email (so, yay, I did actually manage to sign him up correctly. Side note: if someone with a PhD in computers has trouble deciding if they've correctly navigated your website, you might need to rethink it.) Apparently there was a parent's meeting on Saturday that we missed. Oops? (Of course, why there was no email reminder, I'm not sure, because trying to discover something like that on the website is an exercise in futility.) But hey, we have a team assignment, a coach who is actually reasonably responsive to email (I sent him some questions), the beginnings of a schedule, and a very excited 4 year old.

One thing that tickled me is that they asked for jersey number preferences (with no promise, but it's nice that they'll try.) I asked the kiddo what his favorite number was and he said, "The last one." "The last one?" I asked, "You mean infinity?" He nodded vigorously (we've been discussing infinity the past few days). I explained that I didn't think they'd let him have infinity on his t-ball jersey. He thought for a minute then shrugged, "Ok, then I'll just go with ten."

Coach says it's his if they have it.

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