So This is Egypt

There have not, as yet, been any sightings of Moses, but I'm expecting them soon. We have, however, been feeling the effects of the various plagues. I'm totally on board with letting the people go, just as soon as I figure out which people need freedom - especially if it means that the unholy torment around here ends.

Friday dawned with Tim in intestinal distress. He drove part of the way to work, turned around, and came home to work from home. Mostly he worked from one of the smaller offices, if you know what I mean. (Thank goodness for smart phones? Maybe it's really thank goodness you don't actually know where people are when they're sending email.)

I still felt as if I was the victim of a hit-and-run (still in progress).

Elder boy seemed fine until he would pause, cough and cough and cough and then vomit (from the coughing.) Also there were little bumps on his face, but I figured hey, pollen, we've been outside (the boy really needs to run. And he was fine, it's just the parents who were dying.)

The baby remained mostly unscathed (he has some rear end issues, but they were preexisting and are on the mend, so really, I'm not including him in the whole plague victim thing.)

Saturday was more of the same, though everyone was a wee bit better.

Sunday as I was fixing breakfast (more like lunch owing to daylight savings and illness induced sleeping), the elder boy asked "Mommy, why are there dots all over my arm?" Um, dots? Sure enough, his arms were covered in red spots. As was just about every inch of his skin (it seemed to avoid the scalp, but otherwise, he was covered). Brief consideration had me laying the blame on the amoxicillin that he was taking for his ear infection, so we stopped that. And decided to adopt a wait and see approach for anything else (there was no itching, fever, shortness of breath, joint pain, etc. Just bumps.)

Today seems like it might possibly be the start of the climb to mended. I actually feel close to 100% (somewhere in the 86% range, really), which is nice. Tim is at work with intestinal issues (I told him to just come home, he grumbled something about really needing to actually put a full day's work in and that he'd be fine.) The doctor says the boy is likely reacting to the amoxicillin but not necessarily allergic (apparently said rash can in fact just be a side effect) - though we're to say he's allergic from here on out unless dire emergency where only penicillin will do - and the rash should clear up in a week.

But honestly, if the water starts running red or I see any frogs I'm burning down the house and leaving town.

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