Bits of This and That

  • Tim's car is not, as I feared, on its last legs. It's just some hoses and gaskets. Of course, they apparently need to take the car completely apart to be able to reach them, but we're still under $1K, and that's even including new brakes. So yay.
  • My sister sent me some Easter dinner suggestions that I think I will embrace. So we'll be doing a roasted Boston butt, lemon roasted potatoes, and oregano green beans. Simple, but it also sounds tasty.
  • The elder boy loves the idea that we're having butt for Easter. Yeah, repeating that in his hearing was not so much a great idea.
  • I stood on the scale holding the younger boy this morning. If I can still subtract in my head (I can), he's almost 12 pounds already. Good golly. No wonder all the 0-3 sleepers I have for him are not feeling like they fit very well anymore.
  • He's still not fat (I mentioned my ding-dong father-in-law, right?) He's very long - and it's nice to realize that I'm not, in fact, going crazy when I look at him and think he looks like a 5 month old.
  • We had one chilly day (Monday) and are now back to spring weather. I may try and convince the elder boy to ride his bike this afternoon after nap. I'm not sure what happened, but he was going gangbusters with it and then, all of the sudden, he just stopped. And it's a bit of a struggle to get him to even try. He didn't fall. I just don't know. And really, ok, not a big deal in the long run, but I'd love for him to have that activity to do.
  • I'm in the mood for a little road trip. If I didn't have a mandatory faculty meeting at 1pm tomorrow, I'd load the boys in the car and either head up to the zoo or out west to see what we could see. Maybe I'll have time to do something like that next week, providing the weather holds.
  • I am in love with this dress. I'm trying to decide if it would actually be flattering on my body. If you go by the rules the What Not to Wear folks give women with my shape, it seems like it should...but...well. I'm hesitant. Still, wouldn't it be just the most excellent Easter dress? (Of course, if I'm going to wear it for Easter I need to pull the trigger sooner than later so it has time to get here.)
  • I have sent the elder boy's suit to the cleaners so it's ready for Easter. I still need to figure out what the younger boy will wear. They had some adorable little outfit sets at BRU last time I was there, but they're FAO Swartz (read: cha-ching!) and even though they were marked down, they were still over $20. This seems like a ridiculous price for an outfit that, realistically, will be outgrown before one can sneeze. I need to go hit up either Old Navy or Burlington and see if I can find something more reasonable.
  • Looking back at this list, I see why my sister accused me of being angsty over Easter. I'm really not...I just have some things I need to (well, want to) take care of before it gets here. And it's going to get here soon. Thus the list making. If none of it happens, well, so be it. Our church is so informal we could wear jeans on Easter and be just fine. 
  • (I would not be just fine in my heart, because you dress up for Easter. Period. Also, women need to bring back the Easter hat. Just saying. And really, I miss the orchid wrist corsage my dad used to get us all for Easter. I don't think the idea of buying a corsage has ever crossed Tim's mind. At least, not since prom. I hinted a few times when we were first married then gave up. I guess if I miss it that much, I could buy my own, but, well, it kind of loses some of the special. Hmm...maybe I will get the boys a boutineer.)

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