I Forgot to Knock on Wood

So every few weeks, we've been getting the latest bill from the attorneys for the adoption. Each time, we dutifully read through every charge and remark on the fact that we'd like to be paid $18.50 for opening an email (not reading it, mind you, or responding to it. Just opening it.) Then we look at the younger boy, grin foolishly, and concede that he's worth every penny and then some.

And that seems to be exactly how much his adoption is going to cost.

The elder boy's adoption was...not cheap. But it was about what we figured it would be and within the national averages for domestic adoption (which most will say runs between $10K - $20K.) But the younger boy...well, let's just say our plans to hit up Disney World next year are now out the window.

So while we were discussing the fact that, hey, our emergency fund just became non-existent, I made the classic mistake of saying, "Well, then we can't have any emergencies for a while."

That afternoon, when Tim got home, the elder boy threw open the garage door (as he typically does) and happily cheered, "Daddy!" Then there was a puzzled pause and, "Why is your car smoking?"

This morning, Tim headed off to get his car looked at (on the one hand it's good that it was still smoking. On the other hand, I think we were both hoping for that to be some kind of fluke thing.) He was planning to work there on email and such then head up to work. 90 minutes later, he called.

"What's the damage?"
"Oh...well, they can't actually figure out what's wrong yet. They need more diagnostic time."
"That's not good."

So off we went to pick him up and take him to my mom's so he could borrow her car (bright side: her car doesn't get driven much, and hardly ever on the highway, so, you know, it's good for her car!) as he had meetings and such that he did actually need to get to.

As of yet, I've not heard anything from the dealer. (Not sure if Tim has, haven't managed to get a hold of him either.) We're really hoping it's something simple. Chances of that, though, seem very slim.

Next time Tim says to me, "What could possibly go wrong?" I'm going to remind him of this.

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