Easy Thrift

I spent the morning turning a few pairs of the elder kiddo's slacks into shorts. See, 4 year olds apparently are incapable of keeping the knees of pants intact (or at least, my 4 year old is). The waist still fits fine. The rest of the pants are fine. And if we were heading into more pants weather, I would be tempted to buy some of the patches I loathed as a child (but oh how I realize why my mom used them, now) and just patch them. However, seeing as I was going to need to buy some shorts soon anyway, I figured hey, scissors, roll hem, sewing machine. Done.

I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. The kiddo seems excited too - he thinks it's like getting a whole new outfit. I'm going to enjoy that for as long as I'm able (I suspect the rolled eyes and sighs of disdain at such a procedure are not as far off as I'd like to think.)

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