Wednesday Tidbits

A few random thoughts:

  • I had forgotten how difficult I find it to function when sleep deprived for a long period of time. I really, REALLY, wish I could nap. The traditional wisdom is for moms to nap when the kids do - this, sadly, just doesn't work around here. I may need to, instead, start going to bed when they do.
  • We got a letter from the folks who installed our water heater letting us know we should schedule an inspection. Neither of us had any idea that the thing needed an official inspection - why wouldn't they a) tell us that when they were here and b) take care of it? 
  • I find that I am developing a significant case of spring fever. This is negatively effecting my ability to get anything done around here. Particularly when it comes to the class I'm teaching. I have a synchronous session tomorrow night for which I have done absolutely zero prep. I should be doing it now, but instead I am writing this. Ah, procrastination.
  • In line with that, I really would like to take the kiddos down to see the cherry blossoms, I think the elder boy would enjoy it quite a bit. That said, the thought of the logistics involved in doing so leaves me exhausted just considering it.
  • When I sat down to write this, there were actually two or three things that I thought were interesting that I intended to post. As you can see, I managed to forget all of them.

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