Hippity Hoppity

Easter's on its way. And I've yet to spend much time (read: any) contemplating what to serve everyone for our Easter lunch. Mom keeps telling me to keep it simple. And on the one hand, yeah, that'd be good. On the other hand, I really feel like experimenting with something - and it's been awhile since I've had the desire to do that.

But at Easter, I'm hampered somewhat by the fact that the meal comes after church. So it's not like a day where I have the whole morning to do prep. So I'll either need to consider things that I can do ahead (which really never seems to work out well for me. Prep? Sure. Any form of cooking with the idea that it can be reheated? Nope. It just ends up tasting like left overs.)

I'm also hampered by the fact that I'm really kind of tired of ham. Though I guess I'm not as tired of fancy ham (i.e. something wherein I buy an unadorned ham and do something cool to it) as I am of pre-spiral-sliced, drop honey-glaze on it and put in oven ham. I don't really care for lamb (though there are others in my family who would be over the moon should I choose to do lamb). Turkey...meh. And really, not an Easter food. Chicken? Again, meh. Rib roast? Yum! But...I seem to always do a rib roast. and while, again, YUM! There really isn't that much to it. I guess I could play around with some kind of pork (other than ham) or a beef tenderloin. Maybe I'll see what the interwebs have to offer in terms of yummy recipes for those.

This (and other major holidays) is when I really miss Gourmet magazine. Though, ok, sure, they had been getting progressively bizarre, their holiday menus always at least offered some inspiration. Now there's random searches, all recipes, food network (ha!), and any cookbooks I have on hand (which is, admittedly quite a few, but still.)

I'll keep you posted.


michellewillingham said...

Usually we go to the early Mass (8:30) and I'm home with enough time to pull together a late lunch. Can you do an earlier service? Good luck!

beth said...

Our early service is at 9. I think it's 90 minutes - I should check on that. Still, yes, that's a possibility, particularly if we push lunch back to 1 (which we often do.)

Jen said...

Two words: slow cooker.

We're having lamb and I'm cooking it in the slow cooker. I'm still trying to decide if I'll to the roast that I bought whole or as a stew. I'm leaning to the stew.

It may not be as fancy, but it should still be a good meal.