I Am, In Fact, Still Alive

I know you were wondering.

That said, I am not well. This weird cough has smacked our family and it has come with, at least for me, a double ear infection (honestly, at what point do you outgrow ear infections?) The large child also has an ear infection and the cough. The small child is, thankfully, not affected. Tim seems to also be resilient at this point, which is lovely as I can take about two steps before the whirling of the world becomes too much and I must sit. (Or, better, lie down.) (Lay down? I think lie down. Also, above, should it be effected? I am ill and find that I care just enough to wonder but not enough to do anything about it.)

My friend had a lovely shower for the small child yesterday. I think I would have enjoyed it more had I not been wishing for death the whole time, but, well, it was still lovely.

I now leave you to your previously scheduled activities with a plan to post again at some point before the end of March. (I'm hopeful that I'll be well before that.)

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