Blog guilt strikes again:

  • I'm still not well, but I think I'm on the uptick. My throat is so raw from the coughing though that drinking anything actually stings. 
  • That said, I still dragged myself out to the grocery store today (thankfully my sister needed to go as well, so she helped me ride herd on the 4 year old who adores her) because, well, sick or not, people around here still seem to want to eat.
  • Tim now has something. Not the same thing. Something new. I'm really hoping he keeps it to himself. I don't need anything else.
  • The baby does not like binkies. I'm not sure how to cope with this. On the one hand, he's very rarely fussy so it doesn't matter overly much. On the other hand, when he is fussy, there's no simple soothing solution. On the other other hand, if he never takes to a binky, at least we don't have the heartbreak of getting rid of them down the line. (A trauma I'm still not sure either me or the older one have recovered.)
  • March really blew in like a lion today. I would love to have gone out with a kite. Except for the whole still sick thing and also the fact that we live kind of in a valley, so I never have much luck actually getting the things aloft. The nearest field is even lower than our street, so it stinks even more. I miss flying kites on the mesa with my sister and dad like we did when we were little.
  • I really need to get my thank you notes written - every time I sit down to do it, something crazy pops up. It's like a conspiracy against courtesy or something.
  • That said, I wonder if anyone will notice that they're delinquent.

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