Somedays Being a Parent Melts Your Heart

The elder boy has been gnawing on the various relational concepts lately (over the past several months). He is fascinated by the idea that his Papa is my dad and that Mimi is my mom but I'm his mom and Mimi is Mimi and so on and so forth. So we talk about the fact that Tim is my husband and I'm his wife and I clarify that no, boys don't get husbands, they get wives and vice versa (yes, this is un-PC, but I'm also raising him to believe in Jesus and the Bible.)

Inevitably, this sparks a conversation about who he will marry. Currently, he would like to marry our friend's daughter, who is 9. She has informed him that she's not going to marry him. I just tell him we'll keep praying that God will show him his future wife in His time, and that if it's meant to be, then he can marry her. He likes to brainstorm other people who he could marry, but he always circles back to the 9 year old.

Today, however, he asked my mom (and then me later on) why I didn't still live with Mimi and Papa now that I was married to Tim. When I explained to him that when you're grown up and you get married you want to move out and live with your spouse he frowned and snuggled in close and tilted his face up to mine with a very serious expression and said, "Then I'm never getting married. I don't ever want to not live with you, mommy."

Sweet boy.

But don't think that won't get incorporated into his rehearsal dinner some day.


Gwynne said...

Awww....and lol (moms have such an arsenal come rehearsal dinner time, don't they? ;-)

beth said...

They do. My parents were kind...I hope to remember that. On the other hand, some things are too good to leave out. :)