A Wandering We Will Go

Tim is off this Friday. I'm hoping that he'll actually get to be off (I think the last two Fridays he was off he actually was not off...though maybe he was off the last one. They're starting to blend together - the point is, he's very busy at work and not always guaranteed his days off because if the customer says they need to have a meeting on an off Friday, you can't really tell them no thank you. At least, not if you want to stay employed.) The plan is to go out a-wandering.

I'm kicking around a few ideas. Right now, the top two are Busch Gardens (on a Friday, I wouldn't think it would be too terrible as far as crowds. Traffic might be a bit of a pain, but even then, we'd be going the opposite direction.) and Dinosaur Land.

I've seen mixed (though mostly negative) reviews on Dinosaur Land. Even looking at their website you can see that the concrete statues are showing their age/wear. But I wonder how much of that would matter to a 4 year old. I mean, he loves to watch Dino Dan, and those dinosaurs are the unlikely colors of pink, purple, yellow, and blue (and other bizarre combinations that are not generally actually found in nature.) Plus, the drive out to the Shenandoah would be nice.

The drive time is roughly the same for both, so that's not really a major consideration. I'm guessing the educational value of both is also roughly the same (with the potential for more educational value coming from Busch Gardens, honestly.)

I guess we'll see what we see -- I just hope that we don't end up flaking out and doing nothing because we're tired. We've been doing that a lot - and the tired doesn't go away...so if we're going to be tired anyway, we might as well be out and about.


Jen said...

We're doing Busch Gardens on May 5. Want to wait a week for that field trip and meet us there?

beth said...

Oooh -- let me talk with Tim, but yeah, that sounds fun!

Jen said...