Amusing Tidbits

Little snippets of conversation between the elder boy and Tim.

EB: Daddy, let's play Star Wars with YB (younger boy).
Tim: Ok, how do we do that?
EB: You and I get lightsabers and we fight with him. He can be Darth Vader.

(My commentary: First off, apparently Darth Vader just lays on the couch and grins through most of Star Wars. Secondly, getting to be Darth Vader is better than any role assignment my older sister gave me. Somehow I always ended up being Nurse Chapel. (Yes, while playing Star Wars, even.) Finally, should I be concerned that the younger brother is, apparently, the embodiment of evil in his older brother's eyes?)


EB: Daddy, can you come put the baby in the corner?
Tim: Nobody puts baby in the corner.

(My commentary: Firstly, huge bonus points to Tim for even knowing the quote, let alone using it appropriately. I don't recall having ever made him watch that with me. Secondly, I find it amusing that the baby is already corner-bound if his older brother is in charge. Starts early, I guess.)

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