The Summer Heat Is Upon Us

Looking at the forecast for the rest of the week has left me already sweating and miserable. I'm really not ready for the upper 90s. (Here is where my friend in West Texas asks why I'm dreading a cool-wave, I realize, but for around here, the term I use for the summer is Yuk.)

The thing I dislike most about the summer temps is that they inevitably bring with them the 1-3p.m. almost-migraine. A nearly every day occurrence. I don't know what causes it - partial dehydration? Possible, but I swig so much water on a daily basis (especially in the summer) I think I could probably qualify as a small lake or large pond. Something to do with barometric pressure? Again, possible, but I have no way really to prove (or disprove) that. Especially as I am equally miserable in sun or rain during the summer months. An allergy to that time of day? Just as likely as anything else, really.

One thing I will say about it is that it puts a serious damper on any nap-time productivity. What has started happening (and I see as a trend until mid- to late-September is I put the boys down and then either sit in my office staring blankly at my computer or I change into workout clothes and sit and stare at the elliptical or I give up on pretending otherwise and just crawl into bed or onto the couch to nap myself.

Speaking of which...I hear the sofa calling. You'll excuse me, yes?

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