Fastest Diagnosis Ever

You may recall that shortly after arriving home, the younger boy developed a wicked yeast infection on his poor little booty. In addition to making his life miserable, it really ramped up the hand washing that I was doing (because, really, ew.) So where with a normal diaper change I would wash my hands when all was said and done, with his crazy rash it was wash after cleaning his booty, then apply the ointment, then wash again. And I was changing him more often because his little booty needed to stay as dry as possible. So even more hand washing.

Shortly after that (and just before his rash cleared up), my fingers started to look...odd. I thought, ok, maybe my fingers are getting dry. Even though I'm pretty much a lotion fiend. Well, the fingers got worse, no matter what I did. And finally, today (yeah yeah, five months later...I don't like doctors), I went to the dermatologist.

It went something like this:
Him: So what can I help you with?
Me: Well (extending my hands) my fingers are...
Him: Oh, you have dishidrotic eczema. I'll give you a cream.

He never had to even touch me. And that conversation went about as fast in real life as it took for you to read it.

Looking it up on Dr. Google, it definitely fits the bill. So I've got grand hopes for the corticosteroid ointment that CVS was kind enough to fill for me on my way home. As long as the deep, insanely painful fissures in my skin heal and don't come back I'll be happy.

Amusingly, the ointment says: Wash hand thoroughly after use. Unless you are using the ointment to treat your hands.


Gwynne said...

I've had this same thing on my hands since Julian was born (self diagnosed :-). Julian has some Rx cortisone ointment that helps but does not cure it. Good luck!

beth said...

Noooo...not curing it is not what I want to hear! Right now my fingers are so scaly that they'd be hardpressed to fingerprint me. (Not that I'm planning on needing that, mind you, but if we were to decide we wanted to adopt a 3rd, we'd be hosed as it stands.)

He said it's really common for new moms. Guessing that qualifies in your case as well since you're, effectively, a mom to Julian. Here's hoping we both get cleared up!

Gwynne said...

It's definitely gotten better now that he's out of diapers and life is less stressful (I'm certain mine is partly stress related), but I don't use the ointment regularly. It can be very itchy and painful! Maybe you'll have better results.