A Very Happy 4th of July to All

While it's not yet the 4th, I'm only an hour off, so I figure I'll go ahead and do this now while I'm thinking about it rather than meaning to do it tomorrow and then not getting to it.

Have a most happy 4th of July!

We have no amazing plans in store this year. Mom is exhausted (the new chemo does this) and has chemo Thursday (after a round of doctor visits today) and so is planning to spend tomorrow recuperating and resting up. My sister just had her gallbladder removed and is also resting up/recovering. Her husband is fighting another vasculitis flare and trying to be well enough to return to work Thursday. Tim's family hasn't returned our calls, so we figure they're busy.

Thus I have two steaks in the ice box ready for grilling. (The elder boy has informed me that he would like to have fish sticks. It's not overtly American...except it kind of is, when you're a 4 year old American.) And some strawberries that I will bedeck with fresh whipped cream. Done and done.

We purchased a hoop (that's a concrete measuring term round here) of fireworks. Elder boy informed me today that he is "very excited that tomorrow is firework day!" all said while bouncing up and down.

And we're contemplating taking the baby to mom's and then taking the elder boy to see Brave. He's very excited about seeing it. We both tend to enjoy Pixar movies. And I think he's doing pretty well with the sitting still thing...at least well enough that it's worth risking. I might just send him off with Tim - it's going to depend on how the baby is doing. (He was incredibly fussy today and I'm just not going to foist that on anyone else. I think he may be teething.) So we'll play that by ear.

I'm actually kind of looking forward to a laid back holiday.

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  1. Enjoy your Fourth of July! If J hasn't seen it yet, you might take him to Madagascar 3. My youngest LOVED it, and I got a kick out of it, too. Fun times. :)