The Joy of Manipulation

(Yes, it's really 3:40 a.m. It's one of those nights, apparently.)

I just got an email from the AWANA Commander at our church and I'm vacillating between livid and ready to just chuck the whole thing and start over somewhere else. With the problems I've had with the children's ministry at our otherwise awesome church, it begins to be an issue. Because, hey, I have kids. I want them to go to (and love) church! Not see it as a place where they are picked on. So far, I don't think the elder boy has realized the crap that I've dealt with on his behalf, so good. But now...now we're facing him not being able to go to AWANA. And he adores AWANA.

Last year, they had a record number of Cubbies. For most churches, this would be considered an awesome thing - the program is growing! Younger kids are getting to memorize scripture! And learn about Jesus!

For our church, the issue is apparently about not having enough people to help out. So rather than making it work this year like they did last year, the email says: Puggles and Cubbies is now only open to the children of volunteers.

So preschoolers - the whole group - will only be allowed to learn about Christ if mom or dad steps up.

Now I get that finding volunteers for things is a challenge. But I don't think this is any sort of a solution. For myself, I guess I'll suck it up and volunteer so the kiddo has a chance to continue to go. Because he adores AWANA. But while I love my kids and I love being around them? Other people's kids are not my thing.

I can't think this is the kind of volunteer they really want - people who agree to help out solely to let their kid have an experience. But it's what they'll get. So I guess they'll have bodies - but I can't actually see that being a positive thing when all is said and done.

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