It's Friday...What?

You guessed it...it's time for Random Thoughts from Beth!

  • I read The Witness by Nora Roberts this week. It was nice to read a book written by someone who can actually write. While many people bemoan the formula of her books (even her standalones, of which this is one), I find them somewhat like meatloaf and mac & cheese: the comfort food of the book world. I know I'll always enjoy it, it'll be a good story, and I won't have to obsess about how annoying the characters or made up plot devices are. 
  • If you can't appreciate the need for comfort food in the book world, try reading 90% of the books that are free for Kindle. There are some gems in there, but it's kind of like finding a prince via frog kissing...you're much more likely to just end up sick.
  • The younger boy continues to grow like mad. However the elder boy shot up 1/4 inch during July, so he's well on his way to needing all new clothes too. I would like to grow...whose dumb idea was it that we all eventually stop?
  • Ok, I guess I do see some of the logistical problems with being continually growing, but maybe once you hit 6' you could stop. Or hey, 5'9"? I'm not picky.
  • I have discovered Macadamia clusters with salted caramel. The only way they could be better would if they were covered in dark chocolate. As it is, Tim's been told he'll draw back a bloody stub if he goes near them.
  • Not sure what's on tap for the weekend, but it's likely to be something. It's our 17th anniversary, after all. We ought to at least order a pizza. (I kid. We'll go out. Just not sure where, unless Tim has taken it on himself to plan a surprise...hey I typed that without dying from the laughter! As I said, we'll go out...just not sure where.)
  • As you were.

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