On Social Nicities

For the record, the next time someone says to me "Oh, we should definitely do that!" (or get together or what have you) I am going to smile, nod, and say, "Sounds good."

The correct interpretation of "Sounds good" is "Yeah, sure. I won't hold my breath."

I'm so tired of people seeming to think that making a statement like that (Oh, we'll get together soon! I'll call you!) is somehow polite. You have no intention of calling me. I have no intention of answering the phone should you actually decide that you should be a woman of your word. (Because really, when you say I will do x and then don't? You're breaking your word. Own it.) And really, we're not friends. Don't try to act like we are with your fake little smiles and polite intentions.

That is all.

(BTW, this is not aimed at anyone who knows me personally and actually reads this blog. I get being busy and things falling to the side and hey, sometimes that happens. But there's a difference between having a friendship and being social not-even-quite-acquaintainces. It's the latter I'm sick of.)

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