Be It Ever So Humble

First, I'm totally not apologizing for how long it's been since I posted. Every time I seem to make a mental note that I need to blog more, I end up taking even longer between posts. So maybe I can fake myself out. Or not.

Anyway, we've just gotten back from a little mini-vacation. Technically, we're still on vacation, but now we're on (gosh I hate this word that I'm about to use) staycation. *shudder* (Not at the idea of vacationing at home, just at the word. What a silly, useless word.) Anyway.

We took a little jaunt up to Hershey, PA and revisited Chocolate World and, since we planned ever so slightly better than last time, also took the kiddos to Hershey Park. First off, let me just say that all the hotels in Hershey were packed because of the "largest RV Show in America" that was currently underway at the Hershey convention center. I had no clue that RV shows had such a draw, but really, it seemed like everyone and their cousin was in town to go look at RVs. We looked at them as we drove by to get to the park - and I have to say, the idea of owning an RV doesn't excite me overly as yet. I can see renting one to go to Yellowstone or something like that, but owning one? Not so much. I wonder how much, if any, is owing to the fact that our HOA wouldn't let me park the thing at my house so in addition to the mortgage you have to take out to own one, you then also have to pay storage fees? No idea, but that certainly doesn't add to the draw.

Regardless, everyone had fun at Hershey Park (even the littlest who mostly hung out in the stroller, but enjoyed looking about and riding on the few little things that were gentle enough for babes in arms.)

The next day we hit up Dutch Wonderland. If you have small kids, you should totally skip Hershey Park and just go there. The elder boy could ride all but maybe 2 of the rides (and he's not even in the tallest category - I think there were two taller than him) so long as he was with an adult. So it was a veritable smorgasbord of riding choices. And there were several options for babes in arms (vs. the two at Hershey Park). The elder boy, it turns out, enjoys tilt-a-whirls and those ilk above all, though he also enjoys a log flume and roller coaster (though the coaster took a bit of persuasion to get him on. Afterward he dubbed it "super cheesy awesome" - his latest term for the best of the best.) He was not a huge fan of the bumper car.

The day after that (Monday) we had planned to just ride the Strasbourg Rail Road out and about through the pretty Amish farmland. But guess who was in town this week? (He's blue. He peeps. He has a British friend in a top hat.) So, we ended up doing another Day out with Thomas. I promised myself that I would not say to the younger boy in 3 years or so when he's begging to go and do one that he's already been to one...but I may have to bite my tongue to keep it from happening. That said, if you can swing it (and going to such a thing is something you want to do), go on a week day when school's in session. So much less crowded. (Therefore so much less annoying.) And, unlike last time, the elder boy actually enjoyed seeing Sir Topham Hatt. So there's that.

After the train business, we toodled around the farm land seeing this and that and I ended up buying a new quilt for our bed. It's gorgeous and a lovely change - kind of remakes the bedroom with one easy (if large) purchase. But hey, it's handmade and it supports people who live the hard way in order to follow their convictions. Sometimes I think more of us should do likewise (not necessarily to the point of eschewing electricity, but, well, I think we could all learn a lot from the Amish.)

This morning we headed for home after stopping to buy my mom a new quilt (I told her about mine and she decided it was time for them to have a new one as well.) I will say that the driving conditions today were horrific. (But I'm glad we hadn't planned to actually try and do anything outside with the torrential off and on downpours the whole way from Lancaster home.) I think we're all glad to be home.

Amusingly, the smaller boy decided that being away from home was the perfect time to cut a tooth and learn to scoot backwards. So I figure the next time we need to hit a milestone, we need to just plan a vacation. Thankfully, it turns out he's a pretty laid back teether (I only realized he'd broken through when he started chewing my finger, as he's wont to do, and it hurt.)

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