The Storm and Such

Though Hurricane Sandy has started dumping rain (and sending bits of wind) our way - so far we've had nothing more than a quiet, rainy day that would (in an ideal world) be perfect for curling up and spending with a book. Of course, then I would have 3 males of varying age who would not eat all day (and really, two of them have an excuse for not being able to feed themselves. The third...well...I knew when I married him that he couldn't cook.) Still, I am sneaking pages of the final Harry Potter book in as I get through laundry (check - just needs to be folded), setting up the crock pot with dinner (check - and gosh it's smelling good), playing with the elder boy (he's currently playing Cars 2 on the office floor -- Get to the boats!) , doing some school with the elder boy (honestly, sometimes I have to remind him that if he went to school, he'd have to do hours of it instead of the roughly one hour we do over the course of the day), and feeding, changing, playing with, putting down and getting up the younger boy (ahh, the life of an almost 9 month old!).

That said, it does look the storm will be a going concern for parts north - so I do hope everyone stays safe and uses their brains as far as going out, being prepared, etc!

Beyond that, not a ton going on here worthy of note.

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