Election Night Miscellania

I don't watch election returns as a rule. I find my blood pressure can't handle it, and, really, I don't need to watch the ups and downs. Just tell me the result when all is counted. I did my part, for good or ill, and now all that's left is to pray and rely on the fact that God has appointed the rulers of the Earth, whether they're good or bad, whether they bring Christians into freedom or captivity. There's a greater plan at work than anything my mind can comprehend.

Most days, that's an encouraging thing to remember.

In other news, I was notified that they've overturned one plagiarism charge from last term because the student commented the code he blatantly copied off the Internet and therefore demonstrated he understood it. Silly me, I though I was supposed to be teaching students to write code. I feel like from now on I ought to just give them the solution and for their assignments ask them to comment and explain every line. Clearly that's enough.

I apologize now, in advance, to anyone who actually took the time to earn their degree in computer science. Should you run into these students and have to do all their work for them, please understand I did what I could. But hey, they understand what you do and will happily take credit for it.

Beyond that, I'm thinking I may need to go see an orthopedist. (I think that's the right kind of doctor.) My left knee has started to send out increasingly horrific pains when I step or turn or, generally, use said joint. Yay.

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