So There We Were

It's been a week. I think the disappointment is starting to wane, but I tell you, I have to fight despair over the future I see for my boys.

Part of this is, admittedly, my own fault - because I intend, with every fiber of my being, to raise children who live their lives according to the tenets of the Bible - despite the popularity (or lack thereof) of such a way of life. I want them to know the joy of a hard day's labor and find fulfillment therein, not decide that a handout is what they are owed. I want them to stand up for what's right, despite the cost - and I fear that as the days slip by, what's right is going to be defined more and more as things that run contrary to Scripture, which means by standing up for the more eternal right (which is what I hope they will do), they will be setting themselves up to be considered counter cultural. The way things are looking, I don't hold a lot of hope that being a counter cultural Christian will be anything other than illegal.

I see a hard road ahead for the Christians of this country who want to hold firm to their beliefs and be able to speak up when laws are passed that run contrary to them. Though really, we've no one to blame but ourselves. We've allowed political correctness and a climate of "all you need is love" to pervade - even within the Church. And while certainly Jesus preached love, He also made it very clear that it's not acceptance of whatever makes you happy that has eternal weight.

I hope and pray I'm wrong. On the other hand, I also hope and pray that the church can once again become relevant enough that it's worthy of persecution. Because right now, most people don't seem to understand that it's under attack.

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