Random (mostly) Amusing (IMO) Thoughts That I Couldn't Figure Out How To String Into A Post

  • Can someone explain to me how one small child is able to smear so much toothpaste over a bathroom countertop in a week? Also, why does the explanation that he needs to wipe it up right away get lost in translation? Also also, why does the adult supervising said tooth brushing not take care of this instead of leaving me to try and chisel dried toothpaste globs off a counter with my fingernail?
  • Why did I find a light saber in the boys' bathtub?
  • When asked about said light saber, the response was "Why wouldn't there be a light saber in the tub?" 
  • Why, after moving the light saber to a more appropriate location, did I go back not 30 minutes later and find the light saber back in the tub?
  • On driving to have lunch with my parents and sister yesterday, the elder boy says, "Mom, can we drive through McDonalds for a snack on the way up?" I said no. Several minutes later I hear the most piteous sound from the back seat, followed by, "I'm starving....I just don't think I'm going to make it." I thought it was girls who brought the drama?
  • At what point will the younger child learn that his teeth are not a 3rd hand? Cause ow.
  • Both our boys are incredibly stubborn and strong willed. How did that happen?
  • There will come a time when the elder boy stops crawling in bed with us in the middle of the night. Right? (And sure, if we woke up, we would make him go back to his room, but he's sneaky. Most of the time I don't notice until I'm waking up the next morning.)

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