The Book Review I Didn't Write

I'm finding that I'm getting the opportunity to read and review (or "influence" as it's apparently called) almost-out books lately. Since I'm always ready for something to read, if it sounds even remotely interesting, I'll go for it. The problem, of course, being that there's a reasonably unstated requirement that you say only positive things. Now, I'm not a big fan of the positive review that isn't truthful. So I'm getting a little more choosy about what I say yes to now.

Still, I sometimes get a stinker and then I'm stuck. This applies to the most recent book I took on. I think I managed to put something non-committal together, but the book really stuck in my craw and so I'm including here the bit that I cut out but can't bring myself to delete entirely. I've tried to make it as non-descript as possible. Ahem.

I had less love for the bash you over the head presentation of the Gospel method of Missionary Dating that the main character employs in his conversations with the heroine and the unnecessary and offensive authorial soapbox about the unGodliness of being overweight. (Honestly, rather than telling the girl that yes, he'd love her if she got fat, he has to say that no, because unless she has an untreated medical problem being fat means she's a glutton and gluttony is a sin. So he wouldn't love someone who was actively engaged in sin. Which, if the poor girl was a believer, she hopefully would've countered with the fact that we're all sinners, saved by Grace, but not free from the inherent nature that causes us to sin, day after day and that someone as self-righteous as he is will never find a mate on earth.)
 Hopefully that'll get it off my chest and I can move on.

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