Things I Wish Existed*

*maybe they do, I'm too lazy to google them.

  • Hot dogs without casing. Or with a casing that would dissolve when you cooked it or ran it under hot water or something. Because both my boys enjoy the middles of hot dogs but won't eat the skin. And if you've never tried to peel a hot dog, you're a very lucky person.
  • A single tool that would slice, core, and peel an apple. They have peelers. They have slice/corers. But honestly, just one extra step. See above for the skin issue.
  • A time machine such that I could go back and not start the process of the boys understanding that these things are available without skins. Of course, there's the whole choking issue. But honestly, I do watch them eat, it probably would be safe enough. I could also rectify the crust issue the older boy has. (The younger boy gets to eat the older's crusts though, so I'm not even starting the issue with him.)
  • A one-step washer and dryer. As in, you put the clothes and the detergent/fabric softener in, adjust your settings, and go. Clothes wash, it spins and drains, and switches to tumble drying. With front load washers, I don't really understand why they can't make this happen. Bonus points if they can figure out how to get the clothes to fold themselves, too. (Putting away is no longer an issue as the older boy is tasked with putting his and the younger's away. I do mine. Tim's sits in his basket folded until I remind him that the next day is laundry day and it'd be nice if he'd put his clothes away so I could use the basket.)
  • A way to convert thoughts into words on the screen without typing or talking. I know that verges into the territory of the Matrix with plugs into the cerebral core and so forth, but honestly, sometimes that'd be nice. I would, at least, post more often here.

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