End of January...What?

Is it just a factor of getting older? Because I continued to be astounded at how quickly the days seem to go by. Honestly - how is tomorrow February first?

Theoretically, Tim's sister, who we haven't seen in 10 years, is coming to visit next week. She's been scheduled to come numerous times and always bailed at the last minute, so really at this point, I'll believe she's coming when I see the whites of her eyes. But it's nice to think that my boys will finally get to meet their other aunt. (Though on the other hand, I'm hoping none of the life choices this sister has made and continues to make, will come up. Because I really don't want to get into what it means to live with someone and why that's not the same as being married and so forth and so on with the 5 year old, who is incessantly curious. I've already had to have an in-depth discussion about smoking (what is it, why do people do it, yes, it's gross, no I don't understand it) because of Tim's other sister (to be fair, my brother-in-law also smokes, but he doesn't have to get up every fifteen minutes when we're out so I don't think the boys have noticed.))

We're also starting at a weekly homeschool co-op  tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it somewhat. I'm also somewhat trepidatious - mostly from the standpoint that I am not an extrovert. So really, I suspect it'll be a trial for me. The older boy will adore it, because he is an extrovert.

After co-op, we'll head off to the older boy's 5 year well child appointment. This is the appointment that I made in October and February was the earliest they had available (!) and, since he overheard me making said appointment, he's been fretting quite a bit about shots. I suspect that, yes, he'll end up getting some. Hopefully it won't be too traumatic. But I've also promised him ice cream if he's brave. (Here is where my sister chides me for using food as comfort. And I get that, but really, ice cream is cheap and yummy. And the alternative is some sort of lego - and that's way more than ice cream.)

Really, that's about it around these parts.

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