Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me

Really just one thing. It would go like this:

There will come a time in your life when you think buying a sectional sofa is a good idea. And you will want to follow through on this idea, thinking that said L-shaped sofa will solve any number of seating ills you currently face. Resist. Resist the L-Shaped horror!

Because some time after you buy the sectional sofa, you will decide you'd like to rearrange your living room. And you will find that the L-shaped monstrosity does not lend itself to rearrangement. Oh, sure, you can pull the pieces apart. But they never look right on their own compared to how they look in the L-shaped behemoth they were intended for. And so you'll try any number of configurations and they will work, somewhat, for a while. But eventually you will end right back at the L-shape. And you will sigh and be frustrated but you will still be stuck with the giant L that takes up more room than you originally realized and seats fewer than you think it should.

So there you have it. Consider this my warning to the world - resist the sectional sofa. Resist! You'll thank me for it one day.

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