Random Dreams of Redecorating

Or maybe renovating. I'm not sure which this falls under. Having lived in our current home for going on 15 years now (well, 15 in the spring), I look around and I feel antsy. It's not that I want to move (oh golly I have no desire to move. Bleh. Moving...*shudder*) but it just feels like we need something shaken up a bit.

Of course, the budget for any shaking up is miniscule (i.e. basically 0), so for right now it's just daydreaming (though I may talk the hubs into letting me play with rearranging some furniture this weekend. Why does he have to be involved? Because what I'm thinking of means moving couches from upstairs down and downstairs up and...I can't do that alone. Otherwise I'd just do it.) Anyway, current day dream? The master bath.

For those who've been through a master bath redo, you're probably shuddering. I suspect it's a seriously huge pain in the backside. But it doesn't stop me dreaming. See, we have this garden tub that takes up a goodly portion of the room and I think it's been used...four times in fifteen years? That's on the generous side. I'm just not a bath person. I don't understand the excitement of sitting in hot water with half of you outside the hot water getting cold while all the dirt soaks off you and then...you just keep sitting in the junk that washed off you, so it resticks to you? Why? Once you're done with the bath, don't you need to go take a shower to clean off from the bath? And so...what's the point of the bath? Plus you're just sitting there. Watching your skin wrinkle. Trying to pretend your chest isn't freezing. (At least in a hot tub you can submerge to your shoulders and there are jets. Or in a pool you can move around.)

So. Garden tub. Waste of space. Enter the dream world. In the dream world, I would yank the tub and split the space between a larger shower with a bench (you know those really nice walk-in showers? Love those.) and (here we get to a bit of the possibly crazy) a sauna.

A sauna, you ask? For now, yes. The idea intrigues me. I've been in a sauna a few times and have fuzzy recollections that it was pleasant and relaxing. And, unlike in a bath, you can actually read in a sauna without fear of the book being totally ruined (though admittedly it's high humidity, it's not the same as it dropping into a tub full of water and bubbles.)

I haven't pitched this to the hubby yet. I suspect he'll flop onto the floor and laugh until he cries if I do. So for now, it's a random daydream. And on the plus side (well,at least for hubs) it's likely that the longer I wait, the more it'll change into something else.

Besides which, I'd really like new floors before we get to something crazy like the bathroom. Cause almost fifteen year old carpet? Yeah...it's struggling.

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