Well, Lookie Here, A Post

What's this? You might be asking yourself if you've stumbled into the Twilight Zone but, alas, no, it's just me checking in to swipe at the dust around here. I find I miss this little corner of the Internet and so thought I'd drop back by for a little bit. Who knows, it might just turn into a regular thing again.

For the handful of folks for whom this is still my happy little semi-anonymous slice of the world, I'll catch you up on what's been going on. Let's see -- we have two boys now, one a full-up, tantrum-throwing, toddler and the other marching happily through his second year of home schooling. I've had seven books published (six with a traditional small press and one, my first self-pub, in October. My next traditional book comes out in December with another three contracted for 2015.) And with all that, I keep pretty busy.

And still, even with all the busy, I find myself on Facebook two or three times a day and....honestly that's a large part of why I'm back at this blog. I'm so tired of Facebook. I'd quit it entirely if it weren't for needing to keep my author page running (I have a handful of fans, which is still surreal and, well, odd, but I like to say hi to them. They make me feel like maybe some of what I write is worthwhile.) But the personal side of things? Gah. It's like being back in middle school again. Except this time, instead of just being the random kid in the hall who has one or two friends but is mostly a loner, I'm a fringe part of a number of writer circles and...writers are weird.

It may just be the groups of writers I seem to have found, I don't know, but the level of drama and fishing for compliments and general attention whoring that goes on in these groups on Facebook...yowza. Have people forgotten how to just say, "Hey, I got a great review today and am happy so I wanted to share!" ? Seems like it, cause instead it's all, "Oh I can't believe this is about my book, the reviewer must have put the review in the wrong place cause this is just too positive to be about what I wrote!" Then everyone has to jump in and pat pat pat their little heads and say, "Oh no, you really are such an amazing writer" fawn fawn fawn. Now, don't get me wrong, I'd love to have people fawn over my writing (over me, not so much, but I do enjoy the positive reviews I get), but I'm not going to go out fishing for it.

Middle school all over again, I tell you. And I could use some sanity back in my life. So hey...I'm back, dust off a chair and I'll make some tea.

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