A Lot of the Time, I Don't Get It

So on my Christian writer's loop today (and the whole topic for the week - yay) it's all about "the word God gave you for the new year."

What is that?

Everyone is chiming in with how God has given them the word "Hope" or "Blessed" or "Courage" or whatever and I'm thinking to myself, "God doesn't give me words." I mean honestly, and really, I can count on exactly zero fingers the times I've heard a booming voice from heaven saying clearly, "Beth, the word I want you to have this year is Schlock."

And ok, yeah, I'll admit schlock isn't likely to be the word that fit into that sentence, but really...I have to ask if these people are seriously getting this word from God or if they're using a random inspiring word generator somewhere and deciding God must've directed it. And if they're really getting these words...what's wrong with me?

It's not that I think the spiritual experience of everyone needs to be the same, but when a whole huge group of people are all somehow getting words -- what memo did I miss?

On the flip side, maybe it's just that God understands that I wouldn't know what to do with some kind of touchy-feeley inspirational word magically imprinting itself on my brain like a word punched into a golden ticket for the Polar Express. I mean really.

Do I have plans and goals for the year? Absolutely. Have I (and do I continually) pray about them and seek God's leading to be sure I'm doing what He wants? Absolutely again. But I'm not getting the same fit-for-pillow-embroidery feedback everyone else seems to be getting. On the one hand, I feel a little left out - I mean really, who doesn't want an inspired word for the year?

On the other hand? Well, if my word didn't end up being schlock, it might end up being something like "Smart-aleck."

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