The End of the Year

Well, another end of the year is upon us. I have to say I find myself caring less and less about such things as I get older (though I struggle more with remembering to change the dang date when I write it, so it balances out.)

I suspect we'll ring in the new year, so to speak, in our usual way, which is to say either sleeping or playing  a board game while the kiddos snooze. Either way I anticipate being asleep by 12:15. I'm not a night owl and making it to midnight is something of an accomplishment in and of itself.

It's been a good year, overall and I'm looking forward to what 2015 has in store. Though, on the flip side, as I poke my head out of my self-imposed bubble of avoidance, I look at the world and its happenings and quail a tad about what 2015 might have in store. If things continue to go the way they're headed, well, I suspect we're going to find Christians, particularly conservative ones, in a world of hurt. And while yes, that may winnow out the in-name-only Christians, but I fear the rest of us are looking down the barrel of increasing suffering if we want to remain faithful to living as we're called to do in the Bible.

And with that little ray of sunshine, I think I'll just say have a lovely evening. See you in the new year.

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