Lazy (?) Saturdays

This morning, as is his (awesome) practice, hubby got up with the boys with the idea being that I could sleep in a bit. Maybe finally a) get to a point I felt rested and b) do some work toward kicking this nagging cough (going on week 3. So awesome.) And yet, within 20 minutes, I was up. Why? No clue. I suspect it has to do with being a creature of habit and since I'm usually up at the same time every day, my body doesn't know what to do with itself when the pattern changes. See also the nagging cough.

Anyway, since I was up and showered (nothing kills the morning cough quite like a super-hot shower), I figured hey, why not take advantage of it and run out to Costco before the crowds and without the kiddos and get the makings of Christmas dinner.

And so, after a pleasant 30 minute trip through the nearly deserted aisles with no one clamoring for this or that to be added to the card, I made it back home with 14 delicious pounds of standing rib roast, enough potatoes to start my own potato farm, and green beans. Among a few other things, but the first three will do for our extended family Christmas dinner. I'm on the fence about adding popovers to the mix. I'll likely end up doing them, because, well, yum. But I'm going to have to buy a new muffin pan to do so as mine has gone AWOL.

Now, all three boys are resting and I'm left to my own devices which should, in just a few moments, circle around to work on the book whose deadline is looming (seriously looming. And I'm seriously behind where I ought to be.) but for now, it's quite pleasant to sit and look at the Christmas tree and dream of that rib roast all seasoned and cooked and melting on my tongue into my tummy. Mmmm.

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