Some People...

When I got serious about writing, I joined a Christian writer's group figuring it was a good place to make connections and get advice etc. And, for the most part, that's proved true. But boy howdy, the trolls. Or, well, maybe that should be singular. (And what kills me, is you have to be a paid member to be on the email loops - so this person is shelling out money specifically to be a troll. Really, don't people have better things to do?)

This person goes out of their way to make inflammatory statements - in fact, they rarely post anything that isn't inflammatory. They ask the same thing over and over and bemoan the fact that no one answers them. Then, if they get answers, those answers are wrong or not helpful or whatever. Really, at the end of the day, this person wrote a book several years ago, published with a vanity press, and hasn't made back their investment (I'm guessing on the last one) and so is looking for someone to tell them how to become a gazillionaire without actually having to write anything ever again.

The latest sally in the ongoing idiocy is trying to reopen a heated discussion about whether or not Christian books should be anything beyond pollyanna happy land tales. And really, I could pull up six threads from the archive where the idea is discussed TO DEATH in the last year. There's no reason for this discussion to ever again take place. But apparently we weren't keeping this person at the forefront of our minds enough, so there needed to be another post.

I responded to a few posts when I thought this person was perhaps actually wanting help. I quickly learned it's not about help, it's about attention. I feel sorry for them, on one hand, and on the other hand, I wish someone would just clue them in to the fact that too much more of this is going to leave such a bad taste in everyone's mouth that if they ever really need legitimate help, no one is going to take the bait.


John the Scientist said...

Have you seen the Geek Social Fallacies? Most of those apply to Christian groups, too.


beth said...

Heh. Those definitely apply.