Jeopardy! Mom Edition

I would like to propose a special edition of Jeopardy where all the contestants are moms. Preferably moms of boys, but I think we could probably have enough overlap that moms of both genders could handle it. (And I'd even be willing to open it up to stay-at-home dads. Cause they know. Oh, they know.)

Categories and answers include:

Things My Child Won't Use

  • It's metal and has tines
  • You put dirty clothes in it
  • This piece of cloth hangs in the bathroom
  • You wipe your fingers on these
  • Frequently in closets, these are accused of multiplying when you're not looking
Tasks My Child Seems Incapable of Doing Unassisted

  • You should do this to your clothes before putting them in the laundry
  • A mini-meal often requested in the afternoon
  • The process of locating objects in the exact same place they were put the last time they were used
There are more, I'm sure, but littlest just came in and asked to snuggle on the couch. That seems imminently more important than blogging.

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