A Fun Day at the Bible Museum

Yesterday, hubs took the day off and we trundled downtown (something we don't do nearly as often as we probably ought and, should we ever move from the area, I'm sure we'll regret.) We got to the museum around 10:30 and left around 2:30 feeling like we'd done everything there was to do. 

Because I'd heard good things about the restaurant on the top floor, Manna, we ate there for lunch. And it was yummy. But it was also $80.

For four people.

For lunch.

I might have had a little trouble breathing after I realized that.

SO -- here's the plan of action I recommend having done it completely differently yesterday. It's the way I *wish* we'd done things. Obviously do as you like if you ever get a chance to visit. On the main floor, there is a Children's area. It's just a play place. Save it for the end or for if you need a break.

 I would start with the 4th Floor. Go see the 15 minute movie Drive Thru History, then explore the rest of the gallery on that floor. The movie is a great intro to the exhibits on 4 and helps to kind of settle it all in place. There are several fun interactive things throughout the exhibit that entertained even Nathan well enough that we spent a good bit of time looking and reading on this level.

After that, I would probably go down to 2. We spent the $8 per person for Washington Revelations and loved it. It's a magic motion machine like "ride" where you "fly" around DC and it points out all the places the Bible can be found on buildings and monuments. It's a fun little break and is, again, a neat intro to the galleries on 3 (Bible in America, Bible in the World.) The ride lets you out in the Bible Now gallery and it connects to the world/America galleries. These were somewhat less interactive but still had plenty to look at, touch, and do.

Level 3 is HANDS DOWN our favorite. The World of Jesus of Nazareth is a mock up of a typical village Jesus would have grown up in and they have COSTUMED INTERPRETERS. It's fun and such a nice break from typical museum. Located right by that is the Hebrew Bible Experience. This is a 30 minute multi-media walk through that's unlike anything I've ever been to. You sit and there's an immersive presentation, then you walk some through (again with the same word, but I can't help myself) immersive exhibits, then another multi-media presentation, more walking, etc. It takes you through basically the whole old testament highlights. (There are a few dark and rumbly bits that had littlest clutching my hand, but they were over quickly.)

We didn't do the immersive/multimedia Bible reading on 5 because we missed the times it was on (so if that interests you, check the times and plan accordingly.) There's nothing on 6 other than the restaurant and grand views. The basement has temporary exhibits that we went through (stations of the cross and Amazing Grace -- about John Newton and the hymn through history. It was interesting ish, but we were tired and breezed through just to say we were there mostly. Much less interactive down there in the temporaries.)

All in all, it was a very fun day and something I could see us repeating -- particularly if there's an interesting temporary exhibit coming in.

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