Pondering the Years

Seeing Robbo mention their recent trip to Bermuda to celebrate their 25th anniversary got me thinking.

(One of the things that I thought was that every time I see the word "Bermuda" I think of this:

But that's really neither here nor there.

What I was pondering was the vagaries of life and plans, etc.

See, hubs and I will hit 23 this year. So we're not so far off from celebrating our own 25th. And, had I had my druthers, we would be in much the same life-stage as Mr. & Mrs. Robbo with kids off to college, or possibly out already. Instead, we're mulling taking the family to Europe for our 25th and every time we start to think and plan, I cringe a little to consider taking a 12 and 8 year old over seas.

12 and 8 are not unreasonable ages to travel abroad. I like the fact that, barring head trauma, they'll both be old enough to remember said trip and even get something out of it. But it also smacks a little National Lampoons in the age ranges, and, well, we struggle not to live in a comedy of errors in daily life. I'm not positive hauling that across the Atlantic is a particularly wise idea.

And yet, the plans remain, somewhat, in force (along with associated savings buckets etc. that go with wanting to take 4 people on an airplane anywhere.)

In addition to the trip, which barring major catastrophe is going to happen, I have these vague notions that I'd like to fit back into my wedding dress for said anniversary. (It's absolutely okay if you burst into hysterical laughter at this point. I mean, it's doable, theoretically, but my body and theory never seem to walk in concert.) Even knowing how hilariously unlikely that is, it's the last wedding-dress related goal I have (seeing as how I'd hoped to fit back in the thing at the 10th and the 20th and those were both massive failures. Of course, I've made some inroads medically speaking that make it less of a ridiculous thought for 25, but still I don't recommend anyone holding their breath.) After that? I suspect I'll go ahead and give it to my sister to make into burial gowns for infants (a project she's involved with). Someone ought to get a benefit from the miles of satin in the thing, though I might saw off a piece of the train and make a throw pillow for old time's sake. It's not as if the boys are going to want the thing and as much a vintage is all the rage, I don't foresee a time when 1990 wedding dresses come back in vogue.

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