Summer Music Lessons

Eldest's piano lessons continue year-round, so today youngest and I found ourselves back in the waiting area after a two-week break.

During the school year, the strings teacher who has an office next to our piano teacher (we're in a church, and they rent space for these goings on) is not usually around when we are here during the day for lessons. But it's summer and, as most homeschool families must, we are still adjusting to having so many people out and about when we are.

Anyway, the current strings student has to be relatively new, as listening is a bit - well, a lot - cringe inducing. You need nerves of steel to teach strings. And maybe to learn them (although this student doesn't seem to hear just how off they are. Which is sad. Because nails on a chalkboard.) (Is there a modern equivalent of that? I doubt kids today have any idea what that sounds like.)

It'll be fun to hear how well this person progresses as the weeks march on. At least, that's the positive spin I'm trying for. Because I have no ear plugs.

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