Because I am a glutton for punishment

This evening, they're starting a new women's Bible study at church. Eldest has decided he'd like to begin attending the Wednesday night activities for his age group. Lots of his friends go, so why not? Even living relatively close to church, it doesn't make a ton of sense to drive home after dropping him off. So I'll be attempting the Bible study.

I'll admit to a serious case of trepidation. First, because I don't know if the woman who despises me is going to be there. She brings her kids to Wednesday night as well. My plan is to simply turn around and leave if I spy her in the classroom.

Second? We all know I'm a blight on humanity who ought not be allowed to live. Or so I'm absolutely led to believe by said woman who hates me (who I used to think was a friend, more fool me.) And really, it isn't as if she and her husband are the first to make this classification. Honestly, if I'd been paying more attention for roughly my whole life, I probably would have pieced it together sooner. But alas.

Still, it would be nice to have the level of relationship with a real life person or two that I could pretend was friendship, even though again, we all know if there's an issue it will be 100% my fault. Because that "takes two to tango" thing doesn't apply if I'm one of the involved parties. (See also empathy and attempts to see another point of view.) So I'm not actually expecting friendship, I've accepted that I'm not capable of this.

But I do like the book of Ephesians. So really, a chance to study it is always worthwhile, even if it means dipping a toe back into the pirahana-filled  pool of "friendship."


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