Rainy Days and Mondays

E Feels like we've had an excessive number of both of those of late. Especially given that some days are Mondays even if they're not listed as such on the calendar.

The Bible study went well enough. The woman I was worried about attending was not there. There is one woman who I dislike who's attending, but maybe I can learn more about her and grow from it. We shall see.

Eldest and I have been enjoying the latest season of The Great British Baking Show on Netflix. We were inspired by the Italian week episode and thus currently have sfogliatelle dough and filling chilling in the fridge. I'm hopeful that they'll turn out yummy. If nothing else, we had a lot of fun running the dough through the pasta machine.

Mom has taken yet another turn for the worse. They're delivering a hospital bed tomorrow and while I believe at this point she still plans to try to get up and use the bathroom, I don't think that will last long. She has so much trouble getting in and out of bed and her chair and off the toilet that it really is a case of diminishing returns. I've simply started praying that Jesus takes her home before she has to suffer much more than she already is. Morphine isn't really keeping ahead of the pain and the whole situation simply sucks.

Tomorrow we're planning a family horseback ride. Youngest is desperate to ride a horse, so this is my way of hoping to discern if lessons are something we need to try and afford. (Because golly, cha-ching.) I'm personally terrified of the animals but am going to do my darndest to put on a brave face and have fun.

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