Life Goes On

I've been quiet. Grief, certainly, but also? There isn't all that much to say. Life moves on, whether you want it to or not, and so the day-to-day minutia fills up the hours and, before you know it, a day, two days, two weeks have passed.

Youngest is down with a fever today. That's it. Just a fever. No sore anything. Ears are fine. Stomach is fine. And he's bouncing off the walls walls with almost the usual virve. (Although he does wear down a bit faster.) Eldest is showing his huge heart and playing nurse-slash-entertainer with great zeal.

Beyond that? I can't write. I open my current book and stare at the blinking cursor for what feels like hours before closing it back up and calling it a day. I can barely read. I've been sticking to rereads, because I can't find a way to get into anything that isn't old and familiar.

But life moves on. At some point, I imagine I will as well.

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