Sometimes Homeschooling is Hard

I don't imagine the title is really a surprise to anyone. If it was easy, maybe everyone would do it? But even so, some days I have to have a long conversation with myself about why we do it.

Youngest struggles. A lot. Everything we teach him feels like climbing uphill for miles in unrelenting heat. And maybe, if you're very lucky, he'll remember something from one day to the next. But it's not a given.

Would it be different--better?--at public school? I can't honestly see how. Maybe for me, because I wouldn't be the one banging my head against the wall... except I would be. Because homework is a thing and I can basically guarantee that youngest would have a lot of it. Probably even above and beyond what the school required. Because he struggles.

It's okay. Everyone is different. But man it's hard to have one child who is brighter than bright and another who is on the back end if the curve. I'm glad we aren't in a situation where there are grades and conferences and mean kids who use words like stupid or worse (though we do get that some just from activities we're in. And that is plenty.)

It's okay.

But some days it is really hard.

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