Saturday Morning Headline Captions

I've been toying with doing this for a while, may become a "regular feature" may not - guess it depends on how funny the news is. But for now...

BBC News
Man Dies After 50 Cent Screening
Yes, the movie really is THAT bad.

Guardian Unlimited (UK)
Schools in Kansas to Challenge Darwinism
Feel survival of the fittest unfair to bulk of Kansas population.

The York Dispatch, York, PA
Robertson: Don't Turn to God
Christians Everywhere: Robertson - shut the heck up

Hubble sees stars being born
Enquirer and Star Magazine go head to head in bids for pictures

Star Running Back has chance at Rhoades Glory
Rhoades Scholars: Not just for people who don't know what 'is' means, anymore

Pilfered Parrot Used to Stuff Bra
Woman busted shortly after

Got something better than I wrote? Leave a comment.

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  1. Very good! Wow, for a new beat reporter you did great. haha. Especially on Robertson, what is that guy thinking?! 700 Club is too valuable a platform for solid news and ministry to ruin the reputation on ill-conceived comments. Oh well. At least we have headlines we can use to shout out our opinion. haha. lgp

  2. Great Headlines Beth! And thanks for keeping me abreast of the story about the woman busted with the parrot-stuffed bra. Inquiring minds want to know! I hope it will be a regular feature.