The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Tim & I went to see Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Friday night. Overall, it was a really good movie. I enjoyed it tons. I will say right off the bat though, that it's rated PG for a reason. There are a few suspensful moments (well, not if you know the story - but certainly for little people). And it was really distracting to have the, oh, 3 year old behind us squalling "Mooommmy, I'm scared!" over and over from the point where Lucy first meets Mr. Tumnus on throughout the movie. Frankly, at that point, I wanted to turn around and give that person some parenting advice, like "Please remove yourself and your child, you idiot." I don't understand why people would sit and force a child who is clearly too young and too scared to sit through a movie. Yes, movies are expensive. But still. Then again, I don't have kids and I'm sure this is the point where those who do have kids tell me to shut up because I don't know what I'm talking about. Whatever. It's just distracting to those of us who wanted to see the movie without audience soundtracks of squealing children.

Despite that, the movie was quite well done. The animals, quite frankly, rocked. Aslan was incredibly well done, as were the beavers. The mythical creatures all looked about like you might imagine they should, which all in all is a good thing. Nothing blatantly stood out as an "Oh...I didn't picture it that way."

Well. Except that Lucy is supposed to be blonde.

The only other comment I have is that the witch is neither as overtly evil nor as overtly seductive as she is in the book. She seems to be a strange combination of a caracature of who she is in the book and a fairly bored actress. In a really weird costume. Not sure what was up with the whole shoulder thing on her dress - or the weird ice cicles sticking out of her head. Not like on a crown or anything. Just kind of sticking out of her head. It was a little odd.

All in all though, good movie. I'd see it again (and probably will) and I'm glad it's doing well in the theaters and hope it continues to do so.


  1. Good review. I'm looking forward to seeing it. Was it overtly "Christian" as some have suggested? Or could people see it for it's own sake? lgp

  2. didn't think it was overtly "Christian" - if you don't know the story of Christ's death and resurrection you'd only know that Aslan did something nice for Edmund and not really know the "big picture". If you know about Christianity then, sure, you might see some allegory, but even then it's not shoved down you throat. You can definitely see it just for its own sake -- and I think most WILL see it just for its own sake. Only those who are looking (either because they want it there or they want to be offended by it) will find it