The Time for Jack Bauer's Latest Exploits Has Come

It is marginally possible that there are spoilers below for seasons prior to the upcoming one. There are comments on the trailer - if you don't want to hear about the trailer, or you're just getting into 24 and rapidly watching past seasons to try and be ready for Sunday, then you might want to move along.

Just in case you've been living under a rock, 24 starts this weekend with 2 hours on Sunday and 2 hours on Monday. I'm actually almost tempted to stay up and watch the Sunday shows since I have Monday off. (Tim, sadly, does not have Monday off, but he's a night owl, so he might be persuaded. I'm thinking if we start watching the recording around 8:40 we should be good to go without having to watch any commercials.)

Things we know about this upcoming season (from watching the trailer and considering last season's end, and other random observations):

  1. The reason that Larry (Peter MacNichol's character) "went into space" on Numb3rs was so he could be on 24. That should be fascinating as I've never considered him more than comic relief in any of his roles (reference: Ally McBeal) but I like him, generally, so we'll see. So long as he remembers to leave out the nose whistle.
  2. It's got have been what, at least 3 years in tv-time, since last season. I don't see how Wayne Palmer ends up as President in less time than that. I'm curious to see how long they say it's been. (Or have they and I missed it?)
  3. Chloe dyed her hair. Looks good darker. It was good to see her surly mug in the trailer - I look forward to many more PDA uploads of various amazing things and lots of scowling sarcasm.
  4. There appear to be lots of explosions imminent. This is a good thing.
  5. Grandma DHS is still around, and while she got with Bill's program last season I still find her mildly annoying.
  6. Jack is supposed to "sacrifice himself" - but we know he won't, cause he's Jack Bauer! (And they have scripts and contracts for at least two more seasons. Why do they release information like that about a show where the main character is supposed to be in mortal terror all day? Maybe it's meant to be like Grandpa in The Princess Bride, "Westley does not die at this time." "What." "Westley doesn't die at this time. I mention that because you were looking worried." "I wasn't worried. Maybe I was a little concerned." Cause seriously, there is no 24 without Jack.)
  7. Tony appears to still really be dead.
  8. There was no evidence of either Martha or Aaron in the trailer. Hopefully they're both still doing well and will make an appearance in the episodes to come. If not, can we just imagine them living happily ever after together on a tropical island somewhere?

So get ready! Set your DVR timers and double-check them. Turn off the ringers to your phone and cancel Monday night plans cause season 6? It's almost here!!


  1. Martha is definitely still alive and around. Jean Smart was one of the cast members included in the Larry King interview earlier this week.

    No Aaron to be seen though.

  2. Oh yay! Good to know. :) Thanks!

  3. Anonymous8:24 PM

    I've never watched "24". Can you believe that? No reason, just been busy.

    I guess, with all the hype, I'm going to have to just try it out.

  4. Janie, I can believe it - there are holdouts everywhere I turn! :) Give it a shot - you may find you like it, though honestly, the best way to try it is to start at the beginning, hopping in after the season has started is tough.

  5. I. Can't. Wait.

    Quick, let's set up a perimeter! Shoot lots of people!

  6. I was a hold-out until season 4 sucked me in. I still have seen seasons 2 and 3. Maybe I should get on that, so I can last the week in between this episode and next week.

    Yeah, the commercials for American Idol are obnoxious. But I like that they have the State Farm ads with President Palmer (the first one). :-) I'm pretty sure that's not accidental (ha!) marketing.

  7. My last comment could've used some editing. I still haveN'T seen seasons 2 and 3...should get started on that so I can last the week in between this past episode and the next.