Award Season In Blogland

It seems to be award season in blogland. Everywhere I look people are putting up their little "Vote for me!!!" buttons. Most of the time I'm able to smile and wish them well, though I'll admit that usually I don't bother to go and vote. I vote with my feet (well, my eyes I guess since we're talking blogs) and I read the folks who I like. Generally I comment here and there - though there are some folks I read daily and have never commented and others who I read and comment all the time (perhaps to their chagrin.) The other part of the time I kind of roll my eyes and the just trying to get through Jr. High mentality kicks in. You know the one, right? The one that us nerdy chubby girls had to adopt in order not to leave with so many emotional scars that no amount of therapy would ever let you get close to being whole again? The one that lets you live through and even forgive your "best friend" who ditches you because you're not popular enough. That one. I don't blog to be popular, but sometimes I still wish that I was.

Anyway, a while back (And seriously, it was a while - and I kept meaning to post on it and meaning to and meaning to...and never did) Gwynne bestowed upon me the Thinking Blogger award/meme thingy. She called me someone who "gets it." I was touched. But I'm also a bit of a smart a** (you'd never guess, would you?) So I asked what I got. I think Gwynne wanted to whap me. But I seriously meant to do a post about it and nominate my own Thinking Blogger meme/award thingy recipients.

Well, what do you know, but Susie - who most likely would've been on my very own list of Thinking Bloggers, went and bestowed the same meme/award thingy on me again and said I had an "appealing and intelligent way" of sharing my thoughts. Again I was touched and I resolved that another million years would not go by before I made this very post that you see here before you. Because I not only got an award - I got it twice! Take that 7th Grade.

So, without further ado, I am linking to the original post that started it all - as stated in the fine print of winning this little doohicky. (I imagine that if the award was given in a live telecast they would have the fast-talking guy from micromachines go ahead and read the stipulations). And, if you find yourself receiving said award yourself (either here or somewhere else) you are then invited to make your own designations. (With the indicated corollary being that if you don't win you don't get to do it. But I'm not sure how well that fits in with the idea of finding little bloggy gems out there - so for all of me, you can go ahead and nominate away. But don't tell someone I gave you permission, cause I really have no authority to do so.) And the third (optional) rule is to display the button thingy. I'm putting it on this post with the idea that I'll move it to the sidebar eventually. But we see how on top of stuff like that I am right now so....

And now for my bestowments (insert drumroll here):

1) Jen over at Lintefinel Musings. Sometimes it's just random daily information but then she'll knock out something that just makes you have to push back from the computer and ponder.

2) Lynellen's Commentary on the World At Large. Lyn doesn't post hugely frequently, but when she does it's generally worth reading.

3) The Thinklings. This is an example of a blog where I never comment but I always enjoy reading the discussions and mulling the various points made.

4) Christina. She has fun insights on raising kiddos and just life in general and is always a worthwhile read.

5) The LlamaButchers. They range from hillarious to insightful to random to strange. And they've become one of the major highlights of my day. (Not sure if that says more about what my days are like or them, but if you don't read them, you should.)

Quick note: If I know you've already gotten this meme/award thingy then I didn't list you even if I might have otherwise.


  1. Well, thank you kindly. Now I've got some thinking to do.

  2. Thank you, beth. I'll try to be more brainy than some of my recent posts have been!

  3. Jen, you're welcome (and very deserving.) Sorry to have poached ones you like as well...I don't know that you can't re-pick them, I just thought it'd be nice to spread the love a little.

    Lynellen, you're welcome too! :) Part of what I enjoy is the randomness.

  4. I was just kidding about the poaching. It's just a sign to those bloggers that they are loved, too.

  5. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Thank you for the kind words, Beth.

    They are much appreciated.

    ; )