Bowled Over

This weekend, we were supposed to attend a crawfish boil, sponsored by a local group of Louisiana folk (some of whom are our friends.) I have to admit, neither Tim nor I are big seafood eaters - and by "big seafood eaters", I really mean "people who eat seafood at all because we really just don't like the taste or texture" - so we were going mostly for the social nature of it all. Plus, the initial invitation was extended to come to "the crawfish bowl" and I wasn't completely positive that it wasn't some sort of sports event rather than something that required actually consuming crawfish. It was only upon receiving a long, detailed explanation of what was involved that I realized that in the south the world "boil" is actually pronounced "bowl" and they were, in fact, inviting us to come and consume the critters with them (though they promised that there would also be sausage of some sort.)

We were all set to go until the Plauge of 2007 descended upon our household. You may remember the tonsillitis episode of late April (wherein I put off going to the doctor for 2 weeks because I figured it was just allergies). Well, the Z-pack, for all it helped a little, only really helped a little. And so for two weeks after my last dose I waited for the magical mystical words on the box ("You will continue to improve for several days after your last dose") to come true. Instead, what happened was that I slowly spiraled back down into a condition that I like to call "right back where we started from."

So I trucked myself back to the doctor (we really need to find someplace closer). This time, the lady who looked managed to control her "eeew"s, but she did also indicate that the doctor who looked last time should've known to call it what it was, which is not tonsillitis but strep. Yeah, good ol' strep. Strep that has now laughed mockingly at one course of antibiotics.

You can probably hear the cheering from here.

So now I'm on stronger antibiotics that are a derivitive of penicillin (to which I'm allergic - though I don't seem to be having trouble with this particular thing) and I'm hopeful that when all is said and done, the Plague will be erased from the household.

Except, of course, that Tim's throat is now starting to hurt and when I suggest he see the doctor sooner than later, he just mumbles something about how it's probably just allergies.


Michelle said...

Strep is no fun. I think someone could make a million dollars if they would invent a liquid that, if swallowed, would perform the strep test on the back of your throat. You know, like glowing neon lights in the back of your throat. I hate the little stick swab. Hugs and hope you feel better soon!

Rach said...

I've never had it but I imagine it can't be fun. Hope you are both feeling better soon!

Gwynne said...

Which means you've been harboring the strep virus now, for like weeks and weeks?! Praying for a speedy recovery.

beth said...

Michelle, I don't mind the swab so much, but flashing neon lights would just be cool.

Rach - you've never had strep throat??? How lucky are you?! It's my particular nemesis, though I haven't had it for a while - I had hoped I was immune after my last go round with it (6 times in a row).

Gwynne, yep, 6 weeks of harboring and incubation. I'm guessing it's gonna be a few rounds of antibiotics before it's all gone.