The Human Body is a Fascinating Thing

On Wednesday I went home a little early because of a migraine. Other than that, I had been feeling just peachy all day (if a little tired - but tired is a state of being for me, so mostly I disregard the tired part and try to focus on all the good bits.) So I came home, grabbed a nice cold washcloth, crawled into bed and spent the next two hours trying to arrange the washcloth so it would not put so much pressure on my left eye that it actually hurt worse than the migraine. Somewhere in there I drifted off for a little nap. So when I woke it was with the combination of groggy "this is why I don't nap" hangover and migraine hangover. But other than those, I felt just dandy. Well, except my throat tickled just a teeny bit.

Thursday morning I woke up and all I could think was that Wednesday's migraine had been the rallying cry for every germ in my body to stand up and storm the Bastille! My throat was burning and had that lovely "Hmm, there's a baseball stuck in there" feeling when I tried to swallow. But that was nothing compared to the pain in my right ear. I seriously think that if I could have figured out how to dig around in my ear and just scoop out the insides, I definitely would have. So, to make a long story short (and to try to avoid becoming a codger who only talks about how sick they are) - this morning I'm still running a fever and feeling generally miserable.

Anyone have recommendations for daytime TV that doesn't suck? Cause I think I've used up my ability to sit at the computer. Time to go lie down.


Michelle said...

Hugs! Sounds like you may want to get on antibiotics. As for daytime tv--nada. Just watch stuff you've Tivoed already.

jenspeaks said...

Always have stuff on the DVR for such occasions. That's a top rule for DVR usage, imho.

Gwynne said...

I'm with Michelle...sounds like you need some antibiotics. Take care!

beth said...

Antibiotics were procured at the doctor yesterday - I decided given how badly my ear hurt there was no point in playing the "let's see if I get better on my own" game that I usually try. So that's in the mix.

We need to get better about saving stuff on the DVR - usually we're a watch and delete family, so our buffer is very low during the summer. Happily there were some good movies on today on HBO, so I did ok. :)

Janie said...

Get better quickly!