Coming Attractions

The Golden Compass in movie form is coming and they've put together a pretty cool website. One of the features is a "create your own daemon" quiz type thing, which is kinda fun. The above is my result. Even though I still haven't managed to read the last book in the trilogy, I'm really looking forward to this movie.

But even before this one is a movie that's out right now that I'm anxious to see (hopefully this weekend) is The Seeker: The Dark is Rising. I love the Dark is Rising books by Susan Cooper, they're childhood favorites. Hopefully the movie adaptation has been well done, but either way, I want to see for myself.


Lynellen said...

My daemon is an Ocelot named Photion. Will post it soon.

Rach said...

We've ordered the books etc for the library so that we can follow up the movie. As Children's librarian - It's my duty to watch it hehe.