Dear October

You may recall that a few weeks ago I posted about how I was enjoying the beginnings of the fall weather and how it was making me happy again and I was looking forward to the cooler months. And then you pull this on me? Seriously, October, we've got to chat.

I know you want to have your Indian Summer fling (or Native American Summer or whatever little PC name you want to throw at it) - I get that. And mostly I'm even ok with it, after all it's become some sort of tradition that in your first few weeks you let us relive the glory days of, say, late May with temperatures in the mid 80s. And we all put the tops down on the cars for another few days and chuckle as we contemplate turning on the A/C. But we know that this is tradition and that the cool will be here soon, so we tolerate your little foray into being a spring month instead of the fall month that you really are.

But this year, October, you've gone to far. Did you not realize that I said mid 80s? 95 freaking degrees is what you're giving us this year and it just has to stop. I realize that you are clearly unhappy that you didn't get to be July, but it's just tough! You. Are. Not. A. Summer. Month. So get over yourself. And as if it wasn't bad enough that you had to throw this petulant temper tantrum and pretend to be mid-summer, you went and dredged up humidity thicker than an average August day, just to make the whole experience more what? Authentic? You're October. There is no way that Indian Summer is supposed to be this authentic.

Please stop dorking around and send the rain, wind, and cooler weather. This has gone on long enough.

Those of us who tolerate the rest of the year because of the beauty that is fall.

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Gwynne said...

Uh-oh. Now you're gonna get it. Rain, ice, sleet, snow, more ICE, power outages, rotten meat in your freezer, and cold, cold temperatures. At least, that's what we got the last time I wished for October to act its season. Good luck. ;-)