Coming Down Off The Sugar High

I've been on a bit of a sugar high the past few days, I think, and now that the stash of chocolate and king cake has been depleted, I find myself exhausted. There's no real reason to be tired, let alone exhausted, so I conclude it really must simply be the lack of sugar.

I've not been one to give things up for Lent. I consider this primarily due to the fact that I didn't grow up in a liturgical tradition, and while some non-liturgical churches put a big emphasis on Lent, I can't recall any of the churches we attended growing up doing so.

Tim and I went to an Episcopalian church for a while when we moved back to this area. It was a lovely church (that has since left the denomination - so their theology was on track as well) and I enjoyed that foray into liturgy. I think it was one of the first times I ever gave considerable thought to Lent. Now, when it rolls around each year, I find myself considering the season more seriously.

Robbo posted a list of books he's planning to read during Lent - and browsing through, it's occurred to me that I've thought of reading Augustine's Confessions several times in the past several years (honestly, that tacks back to when I worked as a church secretary - the pastor and I had some interesting conversations about Augustine.) And so perhaps I will find myself a copy and make good on that passing thought in the coming weeks. I can't say I'll do more than that, honestly, as non-fiction is something I struggle with on a good day (for all I can read fluff in one sitting). But we'll give it a try, I think.

And this concludes the seriously random ramblings of my mind this evening.

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Marmee of Bear Meadow said...

Oh, dear, the cake's gone, and I was so hoping to hop over and grab a piece. Loved thinking about being in an Episcopalian church (with on-track theology--hurrah!) and learning more about Lent. I often wish my church forayed into liturgy now and then!